Pastoral Letter for November

November is a month of remembrance.

November is a month of remembrance.  Thomas Hood wrote thje poem, "I remember, I remember, the house where I was born...".  Many songs have been written about memories, but they can be very selective.  They can be good or bad, painful or happy.  Sometimes sharing memories can be therapeutic.

There are things worth recalling and things we would rather forget like bad experiences, our mistakes.  We often try to bury those.

We would rather forget the memories of the Pamndemic and its ramifications with its impact on our lives, with each age group being impacted in different ways.

In November, as a nation we have Remembrance Day, the time when we call to mind wars and conflicts.  We think of friends and family who died or were injured fighting for our peace and freedom.  Perhaps, now we bring to mind those who have died or suffered in the Pandemic.  Physical wounds are visible, but the emotional and psychological scars so often go unseen.  All need understanding and healing.

At the Last Supper, when Jesus broke bread with his disciples, he said, "Every time you do  this, remember me."  We use these words in our Holy Communion services and we remember that Jesus Christ gave his life for our salvation when he died on the cross.  His death and resurrection give us hope for the future with a promise of forgiveness and reconciliation with God.  His love endures forever.

Our nation, our world needs peace and reconciliation.  So let us play our part, reflect the love of Christ and so enable reconciliation and transformation in others.

Let us love one another as Christ loves us.







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Pastoral Letter for November

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