Welcome to the Chase Benefice

The Church of England Chase Benefice is situated across the Dorset Wiltshire border in part of the beautiful Cranborne Chase and was formed in 2001.  It is currently made up from 12 churches in the  9 parishes of Chettle, Farnham, Gussage All Saints, Gussage St Michael, Tarrant Gunville, Tarrant Hinton, Tarrant Keynston, Tarrant Monkton with Launceston and Rushton, and Tollard Royal.  The church in Tarrant Crawford is maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust and is open for one service a month from May to September each year.  Tarrant Rawston church is privately owned.

Benefice Services

In the chase Benefice when there are five sundays in the month we have tried to get together for a "Benefice Service" in one of our churches, and invite other Parishes to attend.

Now that we ar ein the middle of re-organisation we find there is an added benefit with several Benefice Services to choose from!



31st October

     Tarrant Monkton   10.00am Group Holy Communion

    Sixpenny Handley   10.30am  Group Holy Communion

                                                                     Spetisbury  11.00am  Group Holy Communion

                                                                   Langton Long  3.00pm All Souls Service

                                                                       Pimperne  6.00pm  All Souls Service

 A Note from the Benefice Administrator

Our thanks to Revd Dr David Miell for his letter this month.  He may be a priest but he also has a sense of humour.  We have welcomed David as the House for Duty Associate Priest, living at Tarrant Hinton Rectory and he will be working on Sundays and two days a week.  He is with us for three years.

The Chase Benefice and adjacent benefices have now started to work together in an experiment towards probable re-organisation of the parishes.  We are operating this experiment under a Memorandum of Understanding, whereby Revd Carolyn Couzens is taking pastoral responsibility for Tarrant Keyneston and Tarrant Rushton and Revd Belinda Marflitt takes pastoral responsibility for Tarrant Gunville, Tarrant Hinton and Tarrant Monkton; these roles include organising services.  Carolyn and Belinda are Focal Ministers.

Canon Richard Hancock is also a Focal Minister.  He oversees organisation of service provision for Tollard Royal, Farnham and Chettle, however, as his post to the Handley Benefice is only half-time, Revd Miell will take on pastoral responsibility for the these three parishes as part of his two days a week.  

I have found it easy talk to David and he is quick to grasp the issues.  He will step into the role as Chair of the Chase Benefice Council, which is a meeting of all our parishes.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to me in confidence and I will do what I can to help or refer you to one of the clergy.

                                                                   Gill Baverstock, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    01725 516311





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